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Complete Pole Placement Method for Linear MIMO Systems

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A complete pole placement method for linear MIMO systems with the use of state feedback is presented. The method is based on specific decomposition of representation in the state space of the original MIMO system. The converted representation of the MIMO system contains explicit elements, changing of which with the help of the feedback, enables a specified complete placement of the closed-loop system's poles. The method does not require special solving of matrix equations (like Sylvester equations), which are expressed in the same form for both continuous and discrete cases of the MIMO system description, and does not place restrictions on the algebraic and geometric multiplicity of the specified poles.

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V. Ryabchenko
Moscow State Technical University after N. E. Bauman

N. Zubov
Moscow State Technical University after N. E. Bauman

I. Sorokin
Moscow State Technical University after N. E. Bauman

A. Proletarskii
Moscow State Technical University after N. E. Bauman

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., ., ., . . Мехатроника, автоматизация, управление. 2018;19(1):11-18.

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Ryabchenko V.N., Zubov N.E., Sorokin I.V., Proletarskii A.V. Complete Pole Placement Method for Linear MIMO Systems. Mekhatronika, Avtomatizatsiya, Upravlenie. 2018;19(1):11-18. (In Russ.)

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